Available Processes & Capabilities


We will customize any garment to your companies brand requirements.

With our onsite branding facility we are now able to brand your companies garments for a customized finish that will set your team apart from the rest, whether that be a name, logo or your company slogan. We have an experienced team working with top of the range embroidery and screen printing equipment to ensure quality of your banding, along with a wide range of quality inks and threads.
Our reflective tape application facility will customize your garment with our range of sizes and colours to ensure the visibility and therefore safety of your staff. Included in our broad selection of reflective tapes are flame retardant tape, printed reflective tape and acid proof reflective among many others.

Requirements for branding your garment:

  • Company logo in Jpeg with a Pantone colour reference/ colour of tape
  • Size of logo/ tape/ font
  • Placement on garment of logo/ tape/ font
  • Font type (if applicable)
  • Final sign off on artwork from our sales team or banding professional


After care of your branding:

  • Please take care in the washing and ironing of your embroidered garment.
  • Screen printed garments should be washed with care and not ironed over print.


Garments are incomplete without their finishes. Trims and finishes such as buttons, zippers, and Velcro personalize garments to each customer’s needs and give the garments functionality, support and comfort. Interfacings, linings, waistbands, yokes, reflective tapes and cords are some examples of trims that give functionality and finish garment.

A wide range of materials are used for manufacturing buttons although plastic buttons are the most prevalent ones. The size of the button depends on its use. We stock a wide range of buttons including Fisheye, 4 Hole and metal buttons in a wide range of colours.

Rivets & Press Studs

Rivets are mechanical fastener consisting of a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end. In textile industry, they have an important application in the manufacturing of trousers. Press studs, are part of the different details and are generally made in brass or stainless steel. Formed by four parts, which correspond to two parts of each of the two parts of fabric to be joined. We stock plastic press studs and metal press studs.


Velcro’s are kinds of hook-and-loop fasteners. They consist of two layers. Velcro is extensively used in products like jackets, gloves, pocketing etc. When the two components are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and the two that are pressed together bind temporarily. When separated, by pulling the two surfaces apart, the Velcro strips make a distinctive “ripping” sound. We stock Black and White Velcro.


Zippers are the most common use of closure. They are made of various materials including metal, plastics, nylon etc. Various types of zippers include Closed End Zippers, Coverall Zippers, Open End Zippers and Two way Open End Zippers. We stock Metal Zips, Plastic Zip, Brass Zips and Chunky Zips all in various colours.

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape is used in the making of certain garments to create visibility in poor lighting conditions and in industries such as Mining, Transport, Security and Emergency Services. Reflective tape comes in a wide range of sizes and colours. We stock Silver, Lime, Orange, Vinyl and Flame Retardant Reflective Tapes in a wide range of sizes including 19mm, 25mm and 48mm.


Colour Chart

Please note that we stock a very wide range of fabric and colours and we are listing just a few below. Please contact one of our sales team members if you are looking for a fabric type of colour that has not been listed in the catalogue.

Size Chart

We have a wide range of labels for your garments such as Flame, Acid, Fabric type, Washing instructions, Size labels and a number of company logo labels. We can add your company logo too!. Here are just a few of the Labels to choose from:.